Social Media Isn’t All Bad

Social media gets a bad rap. And rightly so. It has shown over the years as its developed and revolutionised society that some people use it to hide behind their prejudices, bigotry and of course their racist behaviour. But It can also be a comforting wingman to have when you feel isolated, lonely or just needing a little interaction to boost your esteem. I’m not going to dive into the details of why social media gets a bad name but for me personally its definitely been a positive companion recently.

I’ve been trying to raise awareness for mental health, but as someone said to me yesterday, maybe I need to take care of myself too. It’s a fair point. I’m trying to inspire people to share their experiences and struggles so it’s only right I do the same. And you know what ? I feel better for doing it.

I posted a video on Twitter on a day I wasn’t doing too great mentally, without really thinking too much about the reaction it would have. I was blown away by the messages I received. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out. Funnily enough out all the messages and comments i received only one female reached out on Twitter. Not sure what that says about me 🙈😁

I’ve spoken on my podcast a fair amount about the stigma attached to opening up regarding your mental health. I felt embarrassed when receiving messages from everyone. That’s something I need to deal with. The thoughts of putting videos on twitter in the past would have sent shivers through my body. Seems odd to be doing it now. I’m totally out of shape and feeling a bit self-conscious. Maybe I’m in a better place mentally than I thought. If I can do it now then that is certainly progress. And would you look at that ! I’ve just made a positive comment about something I’ve done. Another step forward for mankind. Well maybe just for me. But I’ll take that.

For anyone who has listened to my podcast I usually towards the end give the guest the opportunity to have the last word *so to speak*. I ask them is there any inspiring words they would like to share with everyone. If I put myself in the guest hot seat what wise words would I share ? So instead of ending a podcast i will end the blog with this….

… Don’t be afraid to share. Whether it’s writing a blog, talking to someone, please share. Sharing can take many forms. Text someone, write in a diary or blog, record a video blog even. Please don’t bottle things up. I’m not a writer or a psychologist, but I am honest and I can tell you all now you can step out of your comfort zone and the world won’t end. And you know what? You might even feel better afterwards as social media isn’t the cesspit some people make it out to be.

By: Keith Russell