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Let Keith help you share your stories and experiences on all things mental health.

Keith Russell chats to everyone including regular guys and girls who want to share their story. Also, medical professionals, nutritionists, people in the media, sports athletes and many many more.

Rory O’Connor aka Rory Stories tells us about his mental health struggles and how he uses his comedy to raise awareness

On this episode I’m delighted to say we have Rory O’Connor (aka Rory’s Stories) joining us. Rory is a big advocate for Mental Health and like so many people he’s had his battles with it. We all know Rory from his comedy sketches on social media and YouTube but he’s also done lots of talks on mental health along with videos for GAA and CIF promoting mental health, so it’s obviously something close to his heart.

Christine Higgins chats to Keith about her incredible story of family, business, reiki healing, yoga and much more

n this episode, Keith am joined by Christine Higgins, owner of Spiritual Wellness & Coaching. She is a yoga teacher, a reiki healer, and a well-being coach. Her passion is in helping people calm the monkey mind and connect with their inner compass.

Will we chat to Christine about all that but first we are going to hear about her own personal journey and it’s a belter.

Keith talks to the three Adams from A-Game Consultancy about inner and outer wellbeing

In this episode, Keith is joined by the guys from A Game Consultancy. They are the 3 Adam’s,  Adam Hindley, Adam Smith, and Adam Mayhew.

A game consultancy deals with not only a person’s outer wellbeing but also your inner wellbeing. 

We’ll chat about why the guy’s set up A-Game but also about their own individual journeys. The guys also offer up some brilliant advice on nutrition and understanding your mindset in general. 

Irish free-diving record holder Clair Walsh talks to us about breathing exercises

In this episode, I am joined by Irish free diving record holder Claire Walsh. Claire has represented Ireland at the freediving world champs and can hold her breath for 6 mins.

We talk about breathing techniques and how it can improve your wellness and even enhance performance, and relieve stress and anxiety. 

Adrian Hart talks to us about being a recovering alcoholic

In this episode, I am joined by Adrian Hart. Adrian is a newly recovering alcoholic who is currently in the process of getting certified to be both a fitness instructor/personal training and also a certified on managing mental health in adults.

Adrian has been very open about his battle with alcoholism and mental health on his social media, so I’m delighted to say he’s here to tell us all about his own personal story.

Katy Moon from The Mad Moon Podcast chats to us about mental health within the NHS. Her body dysmorphia, anxiety medication and lots more.

In this episode Keith is joined by Katy moon, Katy is the host of The Mad Moon Podcast. We chat about all things mental health including being an NHS Nurse, Katy’s battle with body Dysmorphia when she was younger. How she’s now dealing with being 7 months pregnant via IVF and how she used to exercise in the past to deal with her anxiety and depression. 

Katy says; “I used to use exercise to punish my body now it’s a reward, I no longer fat shame myself, and being pregnant and going through IVF has given me a new appreciation for what my body is privileged enough to be able to do.”

Tony Soutter tells us about the Ellie Soutter Foundation and we chat about concussions in sports

On this episode, I am joined by two guests today. We have Tony Soutter of The Ellie Soutter Foundation and Team GB Skier Leonie Gerken Schofield. 

We chat about the work the foundation does to support ski and snowboard athletes financially and mentally. We discuss concussions in elite sports. Leonie tells us about her injuries and how mentally difficult it is to recover. 

We are joined by scotland international rugby player Fraser Brown

We are delighted to be joined by Glasgow Warriors player Fraser Brown on this episode. Fraser has had his own battles with anxiety and depression stemming from several injuries he sustained early on in his career.

He has used exercise and sport to help him with his mental health. Fraser is now a big mental health advocate. And it’s great to have him join us for a chat.

episode 15 – Part 2 of our chat with Niamh Orbinski

On this episode we have Niamh Orbinski from Nutrition With Niamh back with us for part two of our discussion on developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Today we are chatting about exercise or movement as Niamh likes to calls it. Niamh explains what Intuitive Eating is and how it’s connecting to exercise. 

EPisode 14 – Our chat with niahm orbinski

On this episode I am joined by Niamh Orbinski who is the owner of Nutrition With Niamh. Niamh has studied and worked directly in the nutrition and wellbeing space for 10 years. Niamh specialises in helping people develop a healthy relationship with food. Niamh offers Nutrition services like nutrition counselling, yoga classes, workshops. Niamh chats to Keith about the stigma men have about opening up on their struggles with their diet. 

Episode 13 – our chat with ourselves

In this episode I discuss my latest blog ‘My Unhealthy Relationship With Food and Exercise‘ where i try shed some light on my battles with body dysmorphia.

episode 12 – our chat with sir stevo timothy

You may know Steveo from his Farmer Michael character, where his youtube videos have been viewed over 90 million times. 

Joining me today the one and only Sir Stevo Timothy.

At the moment Steveo is promoting his upcoming charity boxing match with Olympian Paddy Barnes, with all proceeds going towards The Irish Wheelchair Association, but we also be chatting about his mental health struggles which he has been very open with in the past.

Last year Stevo decided to cycle a bike 5km and ended up raising over 63,000 euros for the Irish Wheelchair Association and had support from the likes of Tyson Fury, Gary Lineker, Freddie Flintoff, Paul McGrath, Dawn French and Joey Barton.

episode 11 – our chat with louise dunne

On this episode I am joined by Louise Dunne. Louise is an entrepreneur and like most people has had ups and downs in her life, both business and personal.

We will have a chat about how Louise deals with her stresses and anxiety and how exercise like sea swimming has helped her get through some difficult times.

episode 10 – our chat with billy cross

On this episode I am joined by Billy Cross who is the founder of Anxiety United. Anxiety United is a free to use platform for sharing resources, sharing advice and for people to share their own experiences of Anxiety & Mental Health.

Billy has his own podcast called the The Breakdown Podcast which has been nominated for Podcaster and Vlogger of the year at the 2021 Mental Health Blog Awards.

episode 9 – our chat with jason byrne

On this edition I am joined by the brilliant comedian Jason Byrne.

Jason is a big advocate of mental health so it was great to chat to him to get his insight into things. Jason has his own podcast which is called Mind Your Loaf which he ran in conjunction with the charity Turn 2 Me and we’ll chat about too also.

Jasons website is and his podcast can be found on iTunes and Spotify.  

episode 8 – our chat with tom home

On this episode I am joined by Tom Home who is the founder of the amazing charity blOKes.

For anyone who may be unfamiliar with blOKEs it’s a platform for men to open up about their mental health, connect with others and tell a #MaleTale.

​In 2016 Tom was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD while studying at University which inspired him to setup blOKes.

episode 7 – our chat with pat mcgibbon

On this episode we are joined by former Manchester United, Wigan and of course Northern Ireland footballer Pat McGibbon.

Since his playing days …

Pat founded of his charity TRAIN 2 B SMART in memory of his brother Philip. T2Bs aim is to promote positive mental health and well-being through sport. In 2018, Pat received the Points of Light award, a prestigious award for his work aimed at increasing mental health in youngsters.

episode 6 – our chat with leonie gerken schofield

On this episode I am joined my Leonie Gerken Schofield who is (if you don’t already know) a Team GB mogul skier and participates on the FIS Tour. We chat about her skiing career, her injuries and how she’s coping with her mental health.

Leonie comes from a multi talented family who’s sister Makayla and Lenoie’s twin brother Tom are all professional mogul skiers.

Leonie has been plagued with injuries throughout her career. She has had to overcome 2 ACLs and a MCL, shoulder injuries, a broken back, herniated disc and is currently recovering with a

collarbone injury.

episode 5 – our chat with divya jain

On this episode I am joined by renowned Sports Psycologist Divya Jain.

Divya is the Head of Psychological Services for the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, for the Fortis National Mental Health Program.

I am delighted Divya has joined me on this podcast because I think its so important to get the insights from an expert like Divya on the medical side mental health in sport. And maybe we can pick up some tips along the way.

episode 4 – our chat with niamh branigan

We had a great chat with the multitalented Niamh Branigan all about her acting and how the pandemic inspired Niamh to create NB Dance Fitness. Niamh recently hosted a Self Care Saturday were she brought together dance, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition all in one place for her many followers. 

We even manager to get an exclusive from Niamh regarding a short movie that she has written. 

episode 3 – our chat with annice mcewan

hat with Annice McEwan about her time working in the news media as a sports reporter and sports anchor to her new role as a communications manager for a private school and also all about her struggles with depression. 

episode 2 – our chat with richard caan

We had an amazing chat with Richard Cann about his amazing and inspirational story. Richard recently wrote a blog for us on our website which received some amazing comments on social media. We had to get Richard on the podcast to give us a first hand account of his struggles with mental health and also his love for football and Manchester United. 

episode 1 – welcome to our podcast

Welcome to the very first Endless Spiral Podcast. In this episode i will be chatting about what The Endless Spiral is, who we are and how you can get involved!